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Foundational Elements of the Tampa Bay STEM Network


  • Cultivating Cross-Sector Partnerships
  • Creating and Connecting STEM-Rich Learning Environments
  • Equipping STEM Educators
  • Supporting Youth Pathways

Goals of the Tampa Bay STEM Network


  • Develop a strong network of academic, business and community partners who are invested in providing opportunities for school-aged children in Tampa Bay that is both effective and sustainable.
  • Support excellence in STEM teaching. Increase the number of historically underrepresented young people in STEM pathways.
  • Engage parents in the Tampa Bay community through effective communication, parent-centric events, workshops, and other means to become familiar with the STEM field and to support their children in STEM education and STEM career pathways.
  • Create diverse conduits of access to intersecting STEM experiences for school-aged youth throughout of school time experiences.

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